Wednesday, December 13, 2006

I've got a SUPER FAN!

I just got a photo from a "super fan" who has bought a bunch of my paintings. She has just got them all framed and wanted me to see. Wow! This painting a day thing is sooo fun. Thank you so much for letting me see, it's very rewarding and also motivating.

I also got an email from another very nice lady who has bought a couple of my paintings. It's probably the single nicest letter I've ever received reguarding anything I've ever created...illustration or painting. Here is an excerpt I'll share.

"Oh Lael! I just received the painting and am completely blown away! It is absolutely gorgeous!! I bought it to hang in my home as a tribute to my dad who is a talented carpenter....
Anyway, I can't really describe in words what the painting of the planer means to is truly a masterpiece. I just wanted you to know that you are amazingly talented and I am honored to own your work. Thank you so much."

No, thank you so much...really it's things like this picture and note that keep us "unknown" artists wanting to paint and create. Thank you both so much!

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